1 – 3 – 2020 Norway at the boatyard
Fosen ( Norway ) newspaper

He cycled 170 miles to get to Fosen last year.Now he is back and will sail home in a newly built boat.Dutchman Bart Verschoor fell for the boatbuilder traditions at Fosen and has now ordered his own sailing boat which he will sail to the Netherlands in May.

This is the boat, says Bart Verschoor, pointing to an empty beam nicely placed in the middle of the boatbuilding to the Museum coastal heritage in Stadsbygd. He sits on a stool in the workshop and studies the upcoming boat.

Stayed in Stadsbygd.The first time he visited the boatbuilding was last summer. He had initially planned a bicycle route where in a short trip inside the Stadsbygd boat museum, because he was going to Rissa and the folk high school there.The study that summer was to follow a route where I could see reconstructions of buildings and boats from the Viking Age in Denmark and Norway. I found that the folk high school had its own boatbuilder line, says the Dutchman.

When he arrived at Stadsbygd he discovered Einar Borgfjord, who is the boat builder at the museum. I spent a week and a half here, says Verschoor. Now he is back and has been at the museum for almost a month. Not to build the boat himself, but manly to see the old traditions building.

Sustainability is an important thing for me in life, he says, explaining that it is also one of the reasons why he had a desire to visit Fosen Folk High School. But did you come to the folk high school eventually? No, he says and laughs. But I’ll give it a try in April if I come back, he continues.

Untraditional customer.

Now he has lived in the museum for three weeks, to observe the construction of boat builder Borgfjord.

I have gradually gained a great deal of respect for old building traditions and introduced myself to Einar as someone with great interest in the traditions, says Verschoor. With good guidance from Borgfjord he has arrived at what boat he wanted. A Halfjort Fyring ten meters long.

It is large enough that I can sail comfortably At sea and so small that I can handle it alone, says Verschoor.

We build boats for customers all the time, and try to adapt to their wishes, says Borgfjord about the somewhat non-traditional customer who has been an observer.

In april i was going to join the builders again helping them with all kinds of work to be done to get familiar with the boat .In May i was going to sail home from stadbygd Norway near Trondheim. Now due to the virus trouble the Yggdrasil will be transported to Amsterdam first week off June . Than enjoying nature in the Waddenzee by sailing this boat can start.

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